Patrice Guinard sur Jacques Halbronn (English) 2000

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Patrice Guinard  sur Jacques  Halbronn  (English) 2000

24. Jacques HALBRONN
- born December 1, 1947 at 11.25 am (11:25) in Paris 17 ( at 12.30 pm according to his mother)
(source : Patrice Guinard, r.p.)
- Ph.D (several theses), historian and ethnologist of the astrological « milieu », astrology congress organizer since 1975.
- author of ten books and more than thirty articles. The Guide astrologique (1984; Paris, Laurens, 1997) which carries on the idea put forth by De Herbais De Thun, is an index of astrologers and their activities.
- in the bibliography of his article « Astrologie » in the Encyclopaedia Universalis (1992), he only cites 3 books – in the twenty mentioned – in which he has no direct connection, either as a publisher or author. That goes to show the seriousness of the academic intelligentisia on the subject.
- in his extensive introduction to the truncated Histoire de l’astrologie by Serge Hutin (Paris, Artefact, 1986), he considers astrology to be a cultural reality : the relationship between the stars and mankind being only « A link created by man alone. » (p.144). We are still waiting for the historical analysis that would justify this cultural « Lamarckism ».
- his most useful works remains La vie astrologique il y a cent ans [from Alan Leo to F.Ch.Barlet],  Paris, Grande Conjonction & Trédaniel, 1992.

- Prefering to do research on his own, historian and untimely sociologist, quick-tempered organizer of symposiums, quarrellsome observer of astrological life, megalomaniac and maladjusted character, Halbronn is sort of a Socrates in the French astrological milieu. He seeks to deliver people’s consciousness and exerts a kind of dualistic « maieutics » that is ignored by the majority of astrologers and incomprehensible for the believer. « In the last analysis, astrology would be too serious a thing to be entrusted to astrologers and the counseling session a too important meeting not to be rethought about in the second degree. » (in L’astrologue face à son client (Les ficelles du métier), Paris, Grande Conjonction, 1995, p.46). He successively supports conflicting theses in his works: from « sensory astrology » (1977) to « cosmotherapy » (1995), or « astrology of Tarot » (1983) to « stellar astrology » (2000), he deepens the superficial, brightens the ordinary. With time he has come to think of himself as the director of a hospital for the insane. Often in relation (and by reaction) to certain discussions that he had with me since 1983, he has developed more complex problematics. Halbronn is a better speaker than writer. He excells in confrontation, and recently reached  (in December 2000, at the CURA-MAU symposium in Paris) the summit of his art. While working out new « nearly-astrological » theories, he polished up his dialectic machine and moved the boundary between astrology and anti-astrology. It appears now that all the joint anti-astrological argumentation (first the one by astronomers, but mainly the one coming from the university circles, of sociological or historical orientation) remains at a level short of the problematics that he put in place, insidious and convoluted, nevertheless salutary and invigorating for any reflection on astrology. »

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